Media Relations

Building awareness though the media is not about sending a press release over a newswire, or direct to 300 editors. Effective media relations requires doing the homework to understand each and every relevant medium—their audiences, their beats or areas of coverage, the editors, bloggers, producers, hosts and reporters that have influence over coverage in those beats, and the professional preferences of those who will promote our clients' stories. Smart media relations starts with demonstrating a competent knowledge of their area of interest and knowing what would benefit their audience with a given story idea. The Feed Media team creates media angles that reflect such understanding. We build relationships with not only the right media outlets, but with the individuals who appreciate demonstrated knowledge of what it takes to help them serve their audiences. Such an approach not only results in better, more comprehensive coverage, it builds a relationship that helps garner coverage and ensure that clients have great mind share with a given media contact. 

Feed Media also knows how to make the most of different media types. Working with the national magazine editors is different than working with the administrator of a Facebook page or a producer for CNN. We have the experience and know-how to build compelling pitches to all types of media, and most importantly, generate results.