Thought Leadership

Feed Media works with our clients’ thought leaders to raise their profile and that of their organization through identification, development and placement of articles highlighting their expertise with the novel ideas, new approaches, and emerging concepts of their industries. 

We provide a turnkey service for our clients to get these ideas in front of their desired audiences.  The process starts with a painless interview with one of our stellar writers, which allows our writers to draft an article in the client’s voice.  This article can be used through the client’s owned media channels or our media relations team can work to place it in an earned media outlet.  To place the article, we work with editors of target outlets and refine the article if necessary to gain publication – keeping the client in the loop every step of the way.  The total time commitment of the client is usually less than 2 hours per article.

The resulting article not only provides the benefit of reaching an audience of potential customers, it provides excellent sales, marketing and proposal collateral, and can even boost search engine “authority” ranking for the client in key topic areas.