July 14, 2020

Your New Home Office May Be in the Backyard

With more people working from home, business is booming for companies selling livable sheds.

With many of us now finding ourselves working from various spaces in our homes, The New York Times interviewed our client, Studio Shed, on how they’ve provided a quick solution to working from home with their detached lifestyle spaces and backyard home office sheds.

"Since the pandemic struck, Studio Shed’s sales have taken off, said Mike Koenig, the company’s president. “Things just got really fast after Covid-19.”

"In March, he said, “We beat our forecast and easily doubled our sales over last year. In April, it was four times over last year, and May was even more than that.”

To keep up, he said, Studio Shed expanded its work force from 28 to 38 people. The company’s units start at about $10,000 for a basic shell and increase in cost based on material choices, interior finishes and installation.

“When we started, we wanted it to be like Legos for adults, where you wouldn’t need any special machinery to get it into your yard,” Mr. Koenig said. “We’ve had units that have been helicoptered into a remote island in Alaska, and we’ve done rooftops in Chicago and New York, where it goes up the freight elevator ”, writes Tim McKeough of the New York Times.

Interested in a backyard shed of your own? Read the full New York Times story on Studio Shed here.

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