February 13, 2020

The Ultimate Guide to Natural Wines

Ready to dive into the world of natural wine? Learn why it's the latest buzz from Flagstaff House Restaurant in the latest Men's Journal article.

With Valentine's Day around the corner, we've got wine on our mind and our client Flagstaff House Restaurant's sommelier and Wine and Beverage Director, Elizabeth Sammuri, shares why natural wines are the latest buzz in Men's Journal's ultimate guide to natural wines.

"The taste of natural wine, of course, can vary depending on the producer, grape variety and region—just like your typical wines, explains sommelier Elizabeth Sammuri, the wine and beverage director at Flagstaff House Restaurant in Boulder, CO.

Buzzy, natural wine has been around for centuries, Sammuri says, and was exactly how wine was made before chemicals became commonplace in vineyards. Now, many winemakers are returning to this practice as consumers are increasingly conscious of what they’re eating and drinking." Says Elizabeth Sammuri of Flagstaff House Restaurant.

Ready to dive into the world of natural wine? Learn more from Wine and Beverage Director, Elizabeth Sammuri, of Flagstaff House Restaurant here.

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