September 16, 2020

Americans are buying, building, converting backyard sheds into home offices

From school rooms to backyard offices, Studio Shed offers a solution for detached personal space while we continue to stay close to home.

From school rooms and backyard offices to home gyms and wellness studios, Feed Media client, Studio Shed, offers a solution for detached personal space while we continue to work, learn and play close to home.

"Most people are choosing to buy spaces that offer an additional 120 square feet, said Mike Koenig, president and co-founder of Studio Shed. The 12-year-old Colorado-based company said it saw a “huge spike” in inquiries for backyard home space since March. Most of the buyers are using them for home offices, followed by school rooms for their kids, and a few are being converted into home gyms, Koenig said.

“Maybe the kids are doing their schoolwork in the shed" away from parents who can then work peacefully inside the house, Koenig said. Studio Shed, which ships to all 50 states, sends buyers a flat-packaged kit to be installed in their yard," writes Dalvin Brown of USA TODAY.

Learn more about how you can create a detached personal space of your own in the latest article from USA TODAY here.

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