Roaming Around the Media with ROAM Ropes

Feed Media client, ROAM Ropes, has been making its way around the media this summer with glowing reviews of their state-of-the-art earphones, which is music to our ears. Here is a compilation of our greatest hits so far:

Forbes - We love a headline that says our client's product "stands out from the crowd." Reviewer Mark Sparrow comments that "the audio quality of the ROAM Ropes is as impressive as you’d expect..."

U.S. News & World Report - ROAM Ropes were included on U.S. News' list of "11 Great Beach Items to Buy Before Your Summer Vacation." The magazine said, "If you're looking for clear sound quality, ROAM ROPES' new wearable, Bluetooth-enabled earphones ($199) are the ideal tech accessory for you." 

Allure - Included in Allure's "9 Earbuds That Are Perfect for Summer," ROAM Ropes are referred to as "perfect for plane rides with babies on board" given their noise-cancelling capabilities.

PC Magazine - "It's safe to say we haven't come across a pair of Bluetooth earphones like the $199 Roam Ropes Wireless before." PC Mag notes ROAM's Powerful audio performance and sound that can be customized using an EQ app.

Essence - Essence included ROAM Ropes on their list of 16 unique travel accessories for the summer. "When traveling on long flights or taking extended family road trips, having a reliable pair of headphones are an absolute must." They liked that ROAM Ropes "serve as a necklace and has an app to go along with it...just what you need when travelling."