Larimer Associates' Jeff Hermanson Named ColoradoBiz CEO of the Year 2015 Finalist

Feed Media client, Jeff Hermanson, CEO of Denver-based Larimer Associates, was named a CEO of the Year Finalist for 2015 by ColoradoBiz magazine in December. The honor comes in the same year that Larimer Square, owned by Larimer Associates, celebrated their 50th anniversary, a true milestone for the area. The 220,000 square-foot retail and office property takes up a full city block in downtown Denver. It is the largest assemblage of National Historic Registered buildings in Colorado. 

Hermanson has been at the head of Larimer Associates for many years, but Hermanson's experience in real estate development goes back more than three decades.  

As he says in ColoradoBiz, “I feel I was very fortunate because I made my first million by the age of 30. I promptly lost every penny of it and more by the time I was 32. You learn more from setbacks than successes.”