Bono and Bill Clinton Power Lunch at Humboldt

What happens when you own a PR firm and your favorite rock star of all time walks in to your client’s restaurant with a former U.S. President? It happened to Feed Media founder Stefanie Jones. Stefanie happened to be meeting with our client, Humboldt, at the restaurant when Bono and President Bill Clinton stopped in for lunch back in June.

President Clinton was in town for his Global Initiative America conference and Bono was here to perform a concert with his band, U2.

When the duo walked in to the restaurant, Stefanie was gobsmacked.  She nearly forgot that she was in a business meeting as her heart rate quickened and her antiperspirant kicked in. Who is on your list of the people you’d like to meet most in the world? What would you do if the opportunity actually presented itself?

This Bloomberg article points out that most diners “left the two alone,” according to bar manager Justin Friebel, but “we had some guests who were pretty excited” – one of which was the restaurant’s PR partner.

Normally extremely articulate and engaging, Stefanie admits that she could barely form a sentence when she met Bono that afternoon. She recalls shaking while briefly talking with the rock legend and having her picture taken with him.

UPDATE - January 2016: This “power lunch” was noted by Eater recently as one of the top food stories of 2015 in Denver. It was definitely one of the year’s top stories for Stefanie.