Feed Media Welcomes Rachelle Bodnar to the Team

Rachelle wanted to be a cardiologist when she was a kid, but that would have probably meant steering clear of her favorite, artery-clogging foods like her mom’s fried chicken and her great-grandmother’s berry cobbler. Thankfully, for us, she landed in public relations.

Originally from San Jose, CA, Rachelle now calls Denver home. Her affinity for Colorado began when she attended the University of Colorado – Boulder. Rachelle seems to feel most comfortable in landlocked areas as her greatest fear is being stranded in the middle of an ocean. (Perhaps another reason she chose to reside in Colorado.)

Rachelle cannot live without coffee, her Kitchen Aid mixer and her power drill. She loves to play cards, particularly poker, and will read anything by David Sedaris. At the end of the day, life is about family for Rachelle. She considers her mom to be her hero and says that her family is her greatest accomplishment.

Rachelle is a glass half-full (with “free refills”) kind of gal, but, watch out - if she could choose a super power, it would be the ability to read minds.