Denver Journalist Monica Stockbridge Joins the Feed Media Team

Feed Media is thrilled to welcome Colorado native Monica Stockbridge to the team. Monica transitions from being a journalist pitched by PR folks to a PR person herself with her move to Feed Media.

Hired despite her love of cats, Monica lists avocados, watermelon, pecorino cheese, apple fritter doughnuts and salted caramel ice cream as her favorite foods. To wash it all down, she loves whiskey sours – a favorite family recipe and holiday tradition. And, you don’t have to fill her glass because although she is a glass half-full kind of woman, she views an empty glass as “full of potential.”

A graduate of Creighton University (which Monica points out is in Omaha, NE), she wanted to be an author and a scientist as a child. Her first job was lifeguarding at a community pool in Aurora, where she grew up.  If she wasn’t working in PR, she’d like to be a writing tutor at a university and take classes in a variety of subjects like web development, singing and French cooking to keep her love of learning alive.

Speaking of French cooking, Monica would take the opportunity to go back in time to Paris in the early 1950s and cook with Julia Child and friends. She would have to bring her trusted Macbook Pro with her on her journey and would love to stop in Italy, her favorite place she’s visited, on the way back. (It's so close!)

“Those who wish to sing will always find a song” is a Swedish Proverb that inspires Monica. We’re curious to know if it inspires her when singing her favorite Karaoke song, “Always Be My Baby” by Mariah Carey. 

Monica’s greatest fear is not living life to the fullest, but we’d point to her thoughts on a glass half-empty, raise a whiskey sour to our newest team member and crank some Mariah Carey to quell that fear.